A Quiet Place

If you’ve been paying attention to the horror scene lately, you’ll know that A Quiet Place ushered in a bold new creative direction for the genre: movies about monsters that kill you if you do a certain thing. This is an idea that’s just rife with potential. So far we have A Quiet Place, which is about monsters that kill you if you make noise, Bird Box which is about monsters that kill you if you look at them, and The Silence which is about monsters that kill you if you, uh...make noise.

Maybe it doesn’t have that much potential after all.

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Let’s Read World War Z pt. 10: Featuring Special Guest Appearance by Nelson Mandela

Here it is, our final World War Z post!

For reasons outlined previously (the rest of the book doesn’t have a whole lot to discuss, basically), we’re going to end our look at Max Brooks zombie opus here. Don’t worry though, because we’re going out on easily the strangest and most ridiculous chapter of the book, as well as frankly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in a published novel. If you think I’m hyping it up too much, just wait.

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Let's Read World War Z Pt. 9: Hoorah

I’m skipping quickly over another chapter that doesn’t have much of interest besides revealing that post-zombie Russia is now a “Holy Empire”, this being one of three things countries can be in the near future along with Federations and New Republics. The chapter after that opens in Barbados and talks more about how the carribean is an economic hot zone because the various island nations were able to mostly avoid zombies…somehow. We were told before that they can cross oceans and that infected ships were a vector to transport them around the world, but apparently none of that was a threat to small island countries with lots of hard to defend coastline.

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Play my Mario Maker 2 levels

I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Here are some levels I made.

Airship Infestation - YLK-8W6-5HF

A fleet of airships has been infested with dangerous spiky bois! Can you survive to the end? Short and slightly tricky.

Mysterious Pipe World - MCV-9K3-WJG

Enter the mysterious world of pipes and uncover the many wonder contained therein.

One small step for a plumber - 0MW-TPQ-XGF

A hitorically accurate recreation of the Apollo 11 mission. Defeat the low-orbit space turtles that guard the upper atmosphere and dodge lunar squid to plant your flag.

Have you been making Mario levels? Leave your level codes in the comments if you have!

Summer anime 2019: Fire Force

It’s anime time!

I used to be fairly regular about lightly covering every new season of anime as it started, but a combination of my Brain Problems and a few successive seasons with not a lot of interest put the breaks on that. This season is stuffed full of interesting looking shows, so I’ve decided to dive back in.

This time I’m splitting it up into seperate posts covering one or two series each, as my aformentioned Brain Issues are quite bad at the moment and it’s probably going to take me a while to write about everything I want to cover. This delivers a greater volume of content to you, the loyal customer. Thank you for your continuing patronage.

First up, it’s:

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His Dark Materials trailer polar bearnalysis

I've written before about how I'm a big (but not uncritical) fan of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. If I were to have a pop cultural "thing" akin to Star Wars or Harry Potter like lots of other people have, this would be it. It was hugely formative for me and has massively influenced everything I've ever written.

I also run the premier trailer analysis website on the internet. Since HBO just put out a longer teaser for the first season of the BBC's big-budget TV adaptation, these two interests are now dovetailing nicely. Let's get out our alethiometers and dive in!


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How to write a Stephen King novel

Many people think that only Stephen King can write Stephen King books. This makes sense at first glance--his name is right there on the covers, after all--but in fact, anyone can write a Stephen King novel or short story.

It's true! By following these simple rules, you too can create stories about dysfunctional people getting eaten by monsters.

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And now, my Game of Thrones predictions

Over the last few years, I've featured a variety of content on this blog. We've covered political thriller, zombies, Star Wars, even Harry Potter! But I know my loyal fans have had one burning question in thier hearts: Ronan, how is Game of Thrones going to end?

Now that there are three episodes left in the entire series, I'm here to tell you. No, I don't have insider knowledge*, but these 100% accurate predictions are guarenteed to come true. Trust me.

*Fun fact: I did actually have insider knowledge of a major spoiler from a previous season, almost a full year before it leaked online through other sources, but I never spilled the beans in order to maintain my flawless record of journalistic integrity, and also to avoid getting someone fired,.

(Spoilers for the entire series up to the third episode of the last season, and I guess the last three in the extremely unlikely even that I'm actually right)

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